1st Single & Video of New EP

We have decided that the first single off the new EP, Honest Brutal Glorious, will be the track “Swing On”. When our producer heard it for the first time outside the studio doors, his first comment was please tell me that’s your song. He described it as disco metal.

The most incredible thing about writing and recording a new cd is that you have no idea what is going to come out on the other side when all is said and done. When we were in the beginning pre-production phase “Ghosts” was the leading contender as the single. At the end of the pre-preduction phase “Swing On” creeped, danced & grooved into our lives. This song wasn’t even thought of until we were a week or two away from actually recording.

We will be filming this video with Jarett Bellucci, who was behind our “All For Nothing” video. The video shoot site will be in Greenport, Long Island at the Silver Sands Motel. Our van Glenn Vanzig will make a cameo and we will be doing rock out scenes in various rooms and cottages as well as the motel lobby. The loose story is Blackey is fighting her demons, which is ultimately herself.

Keep an eye out for the video release event to be scheduled in NYC late February early March 2016. When it gets hard keep it together, stand (RIP Lemmy) and swing on.

Ay! Leave a reply if that's yur poison mate...