Honest Brutal Glorious UK Release (Pre Order)

For those of you who are new to the Midnight Mob family might not know that we have an amazing friend & supporter across the pond in the UK by the name of Stu Taylor. Stu Taylor runs a UK label called STP Records. A few years back Stu hit us up after discovering us on the internet & was super passionate about getting us some press and fans over in his area. We compiled the first two ep’s into one and called it “These Days”. We created different artwork for it, STP printed them up, sold them through their site & got us in front of so much great press. When we did our pledgemusic campaign last year we had a large number of supporters from the UK & it’s totally because of STP.

After a few delays on our end we finally got the artwork over to STP for the UK release of Honest Brutal Glorious. STP just told us it will be a fall release, so make sure you stay tuned.  If you want you can pre order it now here!

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