What is #MobText?

#MobText is our way of letting you know via text message of shows in your area. We split it up by state & city so we inform only those in the area of the show. We will also from time to time give you some money off at the merch table day of the show through these texts. Don’t worry we won’t blow your phone up or anything. You can expect at max 2 messages. The first message is when we announce the show in your area & the 2nd message will be a reminder maybe a week out from the show, which might include a merch discount at the show. You will receive a free mp3 just for signing up & you can sign up for multiple locations as well. If you’re not into it after awhile, no worries, just text CANCEL to 72727.

Midnight Mob rock n roll tip: Day of the show that you are attending make sure you text MobShow to 72727, you will be entered into the free merch giveaway at the show.

State/City & Text Phrase
MobText# – 72727

Alabama – MobAL
Birmingham – MobBirmingham
Alaska – MobAK
Arizona – MobAZ
Arkansas- MobAR
California – MobCA
Los Angeles – MobLosAngeles
Colorado – MobCO
Connecticut – MobCT
Delaware – MobDE
Florida – MobFL
Georgia – MobGA
Hawaii – MobHI
Idaho – MobID
Illinois – MobIL
Chicago – MobChicago
Indiana – MobIN
Iowa – MobIA
Kansas – MobKS
Kentucky – MobKY
Louisiana – MobLA
Maine – MobME
Maryland – MobMD
Massachusetts – MobMA
Michigan – MobMI
Minnesota – MobMN
Mississippi – MobMS
Missouri – MobMO
Montana – MobMT
Nebraska – MobNE
Nevada – MobNV
New Hampshire – MobNH
New Jersey – MobNJ
New Mexico – MobNM
New York – MobNY
Albany – MobAlbany
Buffalo – MobBuffalo
North Carolina – MobNC
Charlotte – MobCharlotte
Raleigh – MobRaleigh
North Dakota – MobND
Ohio – MobOH
Columbus – MobColumbus
Oklahoma – MobOK
Oregon – MobOR
Pennsylvania – MobPA
Harrisburg – MobHarrisburg
Philadelphia – MobPhilly
Pittsburgh – MobPittsburgh
Rhode Island – MobRI
South Carolina – MobSC
South Dakota – MobSD
Tennessee – MobTN
Nashville – MobNashville
Texas – MobTX
Utah – MobUT
Vermont – MobVT
Virginia – MobVA
Richmond – MobRichmond
Roanoke – MobRoanoke
Washington – MobWA
West Virginia – MobWV
Wisconsin – MobWI
Wyoming – MobWY

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