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This past weekend I decided to enter the music review arena. The new Metallica album gave me a kick in the pants to do this. I heard a snippet of one of the singles a little while ago and thought this actually sounds really good. Fast forward to now, the album is out and everyone has really interesting opinions about it. I fit in the “wrote off Metallica at Reload” group, but based on everyone’s reaction to the new album I decided to listen to the new album. Now as I am writing this I am listening to Death Magnetic since I never gave it a chance and all the reviews I have read for the new album give a quick comparison to Death Magnetic so I’m doing some rock n roll review homework.

I have always found myself in conversation talking about new albums so why not officially throw my opinion out there, maybe it will help you decide whether to buy or not. We’ve all been there reading a review thinking: too long, too short, unhelpful, too biased etc… I think I would be able to give a unique and fair review based on the wide scope of music I listen too, recording experience, no label affiliation and no zine affiliation. I am a fan of all music genres as long as I dig what I hear.

Right now the plan is to focus on reviewing new albums/ep’s whether major label or independent. A killer song is a killer song. Major label production doesn’t always yield the best music, but unfortunately it is the only music you are allowed to listen to on heavy rotation. I’m open to review any album no matter when its release date, just send me a request through my Facebook profile, Mickey Squeez. I will be using discretion when picking and choosing what to review since I have a bunch of friends in the music community and don’t want to potentially piss on someone’s day. I also don’t want to publish a review on something that is biased in some way, shape or form.

Lets have fun with this and by no means do I think my opinion is the best, it’s just my opinion. I have no intentions of putting anyone down it’s just a nugget for debate. My rating system is going to be like an old school game of horse only, but the opposite. If you spell out Squeeze that’s a perfect rating. My reviews will be track by track but only one overall rating for the album/ep. First up Metallica’s “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct”!

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  1. I’m sure you’re getting all requests to check out “rock” /””Metal” bands but check out the band “No Devotion.” The debut CD has the same title.. It’s the singer from the band Thursday backed by the band members frOm UK band “Lost Prophets” who were one of the best bands of the last 2 decades. It is very 80’s -synth/Euro/Pop- which I personally was not a huge fan of. However, there is something about this album that draws you in. The layered Synth parts are very catchy as well as the hooks in the chorus. KerrAng mag gave it best album of the year . It grows on you. If you don’t like it the first time listen to it twice Start with the song “Night Drive”

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