Tour & Blackey’s Health Update

Unfortunately we have been forced to cancel our tour dates, including Rocklahoma, for this Spring/Summer 2017 due to reoccurring health issues Blackey has been dealing with for quite some time. These issues actually started rearing its ugly head during our recording of Honest Brutal Glorious. At that time she got a shot in her throat to finish the recordings and do touring. This didn’t end up being the fix we all thought it would be, but instead ended up being a band aid. During Summer 2016 her throat discomfort was escalated dramatically to the point where it was extremely painful to talk. Our adjustment at the time was time to finish out the festival dates and keep touring dates to a minimum. At the end of September 2016 it was decided for Blackey to solely focus on figuring out what is wrong with her throat and how to officially remedy the issue. Blackey hit another bump when her insurance wouldn’t cover her vocal therapy and various visits to the doctor so she had to find other doctors and these opinions varied widely making it even more frustrating and taking even more time.

Recently her insurance kicked back in and led her back to her original doctor. Blackey was diagnosed with a cyst in her throat not nodes. She was aware of the cyst initially and was able to remedy the cause, acid reflux, with a strict diet and workout regimen. The official word though is that Blackey needs minor throat surgery to permanently remove the cyst. Unfortunately all other exhausted options were temporary.

Even though we will not be playing this Summer 2017 everyone is incredibly positive and is excited to record the new material still scheduled to come out Fall/Winter 2017. The downtime allows us to brush up on our playing and really organize ourselves for the next chapter of the Mob saga. Right now we’re talking about possibly kicking this chapter off with releasing our first limited edition vinyl record through PledgeMusic with a new song this Fall/Winter 2017, plus all sorts of really great unique merchandise surrounding the new music along with tour dates starting as early as September 2017.

Thank you so much for your support over all these years! We’re still moving forward and we have some amazing things planned that we would love for you to a part of. Stay tuned!

Blackey, Carly, Squeeze & Beatz

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