We’ll be in Newsday

Back in December we were approached by Newsday to part of an article about unsigned bands. The bands that are basically rocking out in the garage down the block. Newsday came to our rehearsal space took some video and pictures during our practice and then we had a sit down interview to wrap it all up. It was a really great interview and can’t wait for it to hit the paper. We were told it would be in Newsday sometime late January early February. When we get more details we’ll let you know.

Coincidentally at the 94.3 The Shark Christmas Show at Revolution early January, where we opened for Candlebox, we were approached by someone else from Newsday. This time Newsday wanted to include us in a fashion article. We were told this article will be out Monday 1/18/16, so make sure you look for it after you check out the latest thing you can feel paranoid about.

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