CW Show – Hooten & The Lady Trailer Placements

We got some great news recently! Our songs “Rise Up” & “All For Nothing” can now be heard in episode trailers for the CW show Hooten & The Lady.  As of now we found the two placements we found are for the episode titled Ethiopia & another titled Bhutan,  If you’re a fan of the show you probably saw them on the CW, but if you’re new to the show like us you can watch the trailers by clicking the links below.  It’s always fun seeing our songs help animate scenes.



Here’s the storyline from IMDB – “From the Amazon to Egypt, passing through Rome, the American adventurer Anticonformist Hooten and the British Museum curator lady Alex Spencer-Parker Explore the world of myths and legends. Hang on and follow this duo that everything opposes, on a trip to the four corners of the globe, in search of treasures and works of art.”  IMDB also gave it an 8 out of 10.



Ethiopia “Rise Up”

Bhutan “All For Nothing”

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