From Here to Eternity

It’s another late night early morning working on this website. It is unreal on how fast the minutes just evaporates into oblivion when you’re doing this stuff. This website has been my coveted gem and because of that I find myself nit picking every little thing to death. This really shouldn’t be a surprise because that’s what we do as a band with everything before putting it out there for everyone to snack on. We tend to drive ourselves into madness obsessing over the smallest things until we get to the point where we want to put a million forks in it.

After we agreed on the website style the hardest part was having everything presented in a way that makes sense, looks modern and smells of professionalism. We always try and put the best possible foot forward with everything we do even if it’s a foot in the dark. By that I mean we tend to jump into no mans land and try and figure it out while we’re in mid air, then put the loose ends together when we hit the ground. I have zero education in web design. My background is in business & playing guitar. When our initial website was done I started tinkering with some of the code and slowly began to understand it. During this time I decided to also learn photoshop, which began with a 2 hour tutorial from our good buddy Sinnamon, the rest I can thank google & youtube. I also started working with Adobe Premiere Elements for video editing. Finally last year, 2015, I decided to test out my knowledge and launch & Towards the end of 2015 we needed to revamp our website and if we did it through the original designer would cost roughly $1K.

After talking it over with Blackey we decided I could do just as good job for free, actually it costed $61. So this brand new website was done completely by me while pitter pattering on my keyboard sometimes until sunrise. It’s been quite the accomplishment. I learned a lot of design stuff to make things more animated and organized. There were definitely times of complete frustration, but worked through it with a 1000 cups of tea, beer, lots of rock in my massive studio headphones and random late night tv on in the background. So that’s the background of how this site and our other sites were born. I am proof that anyone can save cash and build their own website if they want to. Hope you enjoy it & feel free to drop me some feedback.

Late Night Pondering: Will there ever be a time where the show Friends is not aired anymore, will it go on forever and why doesn’t it seem to bother anyone else that it’s played what seems like 24/7?


Listening to: The Wildhearts, The Black Halos, Kings X

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