Giveaways Items Shipped

Congratulations to August’s Black Moon Maniacs Mob Shirt giveaway winners hailing from UT, MA, Australia, NY & VA! All shirts were shipped today so keep an eye out on your mailbox over the next few days.

We will be doing another Mob Merch Giveaway on Wednesday 9/6/17 at 7pm eastern time and it will be the same format.  The 1st 5 subscribers responding to our email on 9/6/17 will each get a free piece of merch of their choice.  We decided to open up the entire store for grabs because we are so limited on items.  You can see all items available at our official shop. In the meantime we will be running a 50% off entire cart coupon. Just head over to the shop & use coupon code “blackula”.


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