Happy New Year! General info & We’re playing Rocklahoma 2017!

We’re 2 weeks into the new year. If you have a resolution this year hope you’re still kicking butt at it. Our resolution is put out killer new music throughout the year, better than anything we have done in the past.

First off we just want to let you know that subscribers will be receiving emails more frequently this year. Basically when we have new news subscribers will receive an email 8pm eastern time that day instead of one email a month with a bunch of news in it. ┬áThis is in addition to any monthly giveaways we might do. We have never done this before so we’re sure there will be some oops moments.

Now to the meat. Our 1st piece of news for the year is that we have just been confirmed to play Rocklahoma 2017. This festival includes Soundgarden, Def Leppard, The Cult, The Pretty Reckless, Skillet, Buckcherry and so many other huge names. We will be included in all promo for the festival so keep your eyes out & if you can please share with your friends and family. Thank you so much for sticking alongside with us. This ride is picking up steam.

See you on tour in 2017!


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