Midnight Mob Q&A with You

The last two weeks we tested out doing Q&A through our FB page and Instagram. The response has been great and we can definitely handle the weekly work load. Every Monday we’ll be posting a photo or video on our FB page & Instagram. Then all you have to do is ask us a question in the comment section below the post. The question can be whatever you like serious or silly. The only rule is to keep it clean & classy. We’ve been asked about our influences, bands we were in before this one, but also whether we prefer llamas or goats.

All the questions are compiled from FB & Instagram every Monday and then we answer each one in video format. Each video will be available to watch every Friday. Since the videos will be longer than 1 minute we will be uploading the full Q&A video to our YouTube channel and 1 minute clips will be uploaded on all other social media.

Lets do a role reversal for today’s FB Instagram Q&A. We’re putting together a gym playlist and we need help. When you need to be pumped up for something, what’s your go to song or band? Post your answer as a comment on our FB or Instagram page.

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