New Show 2/20/16: H*MAC Harrisburg, PA

Millenium Music Conference has us finally making our way back to Harrisburg, PA on 2/20/16. It’s been way too long. If you are familiar with Harrisburg we will be playing the Capital Room at H*Mac (Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center). This will be a FREE 21+ midnight show and we will be sharing the stage with our punk dance rock amigos, J & The 9’s. J’s drummer, Ben, Squeeze & Carly will be working on a screenplay combining the female anatomy dinosaur attacks and flying things. This is going to be a really awesome weekend music conference to attend, either to check out a bunch of bands from all over the country and/or attend a conference to learn something about the music industry.

We’re scheduling ourselves to be there Friday night also on 2/19/16. A bunch of the bands are getting together to do some open mic stuff or relax with a fun acoustic set. All of this is open to the public. Come down, we’d love to meet you!

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