Official Mob Site Facelift

We get really fidgety with things & we took it out on our website.  Squeeze rebuilt the entire website for a different look, feel & speed.  We invested some money into a much better hosting provider in order to make the site more enjoyable.  Originally we were stuck with not being able include lots of pictures because it would bog down our site & the shop would drag.  Now the site will include lots more pictures lots of them not on social media.  A comment section was also added to all of our newer posts in the blog/news section.  Feel free to create a discussion on certain posts or ask questions.  We will be replying as well as others.  In order to combat spam & trolls all comments will be subject to our approval.  We want to keep it clean, fun & informative.

In addition, we customized the site for mobile & tablet  as well as for desktop so the site has a super easy functional sexy look no matter what you are using. Also if you’re ever interested in what the current promotion is then just visit the home page of the site, which is defaulted to  We know it can be really difficult sometimes when trying to find the current promo especially with a million social media platforms out there and not everyone using all of them.  When in doubt of what’s going on in the mob camp just hit up our official site or make it easier on yourself & bookmark it for a one click quick access.

We are really excited to make this our interactive hub for all that is Midnight Mob.

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