Stay (Official Lyrics)

Lyrics: Blackey Deathproof
Music: Mickey Squeeze, Blackey Deathproof

Why won’t you stay
it’s all you can say
because you know
We’ll be on different roads Piece of my heart you hold

When did it change
Lets rearrange
Casting stones
Love shouldn’t feel so alone
Is it you can’t or you won’t

What it takes
Oh a soul would break
Can’t hit rewind some leave it behind
What is left untold?

Holding on forever
Praying to let you go
Before we both grow cold
Cards on the table
your silence becomes…
My only friend
Here comes the night & the road that divides
What you choose in the end
Lose in the end…

Not the answer you’d like
We’re lost at the site
but tonight…
We haven’t laughed in a while
Kinda miss making you smile

Won’t say it’s true
found someone new
So glad you’re doing fine
Hate thinking she’s kissing what’s mine

What it takes
oh a soul would break
stay by your side means “I love You” a lie
giving back what we stole

Holding on I won’t let it go
Maybe in time
A new place we could find
Where we both have grown

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