We’re Now on Rednote

You’re probably thinking what’s Rednote.  Well RedNote is a brand new music lyric based app for IOS devices.  Rednote was put together here in Port Washington, Long Island, NY & has landed contracts with the biggest music artists out there.  We were chosen by Rednote to be part of their initial wave of artists.  The next question most likely is: How is this any different from any other music apps?  The biggest difference is that it is lyric based & does not offer streaming of full songs.  The songs available on this platform are short snippets that have some sort of expressive lyric.  The lyrics are available to read with each song clip and users can search for songs clips specific lyrics.  Most song clips are more for listening, but some some lyrics are accompanied with a lyric video.  The main use of this app is to text friends, family & your arch nemesis some lyrical content that pertains to something you both would understand.  For example one of the lyrics is from the song “Ghosts”, which is “All my life I’ve been longing for a way out, a way out”.  So maybe you feel down, hopeless or distressed you may text this to someone to let them know how you feel OR maybe you keep forgetting where you parked your car & now you feel trapped so you may also text your friend this lyric.  There are thousands of lyrics available to play around with on Rednote.  Give it a whirl & let us know what you think.  Side adventure – We have a lyric video on Rednote, but it is impossible to find.  If you are the first to find it & let us know you got yourself some free merch!   Let the games begin.


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